Today’s my birthday.

I am now 27 years old.

A dear friend messaged me today and said, “Happy Birthday! May you have a wonderful 27! Sensitive figure huh? :)”

I guess he has met many people who would prefer not to reveal their age by this point. Haha! I am not sure why, but I am very comfortable with the fact that I have grown yet another year older. And yes, approaching the big 30. 🙂

I feel that every year added to my age is something to be happy about. Maybe it could be due to the reason that people often think that I am older than my real age anyway. Haha!

Many people asked, “So, what did your hubby get you for birthday this year?”

My present is a “birthday date”! 🙂 A date planned by my dearest hubby.

We went into the office this morning, to roll mandarin oranges on the floor (Chinese tradition) and to give our team members angpows.

After that, we embarked on our date!

From our office, we took the MRT to City Hall, where we had lunch at one of our favourite restaurants Curry Favor owned by our friend Yee-wei. It’s a Japanese restaurant that serves Japanese curry, and it’s super yummy.

After a truly satisfying lunch, we crossed the road to SMU (Singapore Management University). For those of you who have never visited, you should make a trip there. It’s really quite impressive. All the various faculty buildings are linked by underground. It is definitely a far cry from my university campus at Manchester previously. Haha!

And weaving through SMU’s underground system, we approach our second destination, National Museum of Singapore. When we were students, we visited many museums in the various cities that we visited. So it is quite appropriate that since we are back in Singapore, we should visit the newly refurbished National Museum.

And boy, am I amazed! If you are expecting a museum full of artifacts, then you definitely have not visited THIS museum. Definitely a lot of thought have been put in to make it interesting and interactive. Once you enter, you are given a personal tour guide… what they call your ‘Companion’. Plug in your headset and you are ready to go. At every display, there are numbers that you can key into your ‘Companion’ and it will tell you the story behind the display. The ‘Companion’ can even play video on its screen.

My favourite part of the museum is that they give you a choice of information dissemination when you are going through the history of Singapore. You can take the Blue Path which documents the ‘Series of Events’, or you can take the Orange Path – which is the ‘Personal’ route – seeing history from the eyes of the many commoners. As I love stories, I chose the Orange Path! Since it is my birthday, dear hubby came along with me on the Orange Path as well. 🙂

I especially like the display about women then. They feature a socialite, 2 amahs (domestic workers from China), a performer, an advocate for women education rights and a 10-year old girl who receives her report card every term. It is amazing to see how far women have come in the last few decades.

We would have stayed longer in the museum, but we have a 3rd destination to go. And that is Cathay Cineplex. As parents of an infant, we hardly get a chance to go for a movie date. The movie that we wanted to watch is Dreamgirls. However, we did not expect the movie to be a sold out. So we ended up watching Half Nelson. Haha! We should have guessed that it’s one of those arty-farty shows, when it is to be shown at ‘The Picturehouse’.

I ended falling asleep halfway through the show. Oops! Well, only for about 5 minutes. Probably because I was too tired from looking after the babe last night. ;) It’s not so bad as the show progresses along.

As I told hubby, at least when we look back, we can say that ‘Hey, that year on your birthday where we watched that show and you fell asleep!’ Haha! 🙂

After the movie, we made our way back home to see our babe.

All in all, thanks to my hubby, it was definitely a wonderful birthday! 🙂

For those of you thinking of what to do for your girlfriends/wives for their birthday, you can copy our ‘Birthday Date’, we will charge you no copyright fee. 😉

P/S Last but not least, thank you to all my wonderful friends and relatives who emalied, SMSed me and sent me e-cards. Am really touched that you all remembered. 🙂