My friend Wai Kea posted 8 relationship questions in her blog a while ago. I think many of them are questions that we frequently ask ourselves, or even discuss with friends… but often not coming to any conclusion.

Hence, I thought it would be interesting that I kick off this series of ‘Quick Questions, Quick Answers’.

What will happen for the next 8 16 days is… I will post a question a day every 2 days, and I will give my 2 cents.

And you my dear readers are welcomed, or should I say strongly encouraged to share your views, thoughts and comments. 🙂 So, we can all learn from each other’s insights and stories. 🙂

The most avid participant (i.e. participant with the highest number of relevant comments) will win a very special prize… to be revealed at a later date… 😉

Looking forward to your participation! 🙂