I always enjoy my bus journeys between Singapore and KL.

As these are the rare moments of solitude, rare moments to think… Usually, when not on ‘road trips’, I will either be working to clear my inbox, tweaking some systems, or just being occupied. These journeys allow me time to think, and reflect.

Today, the sky is beautiful. Now I know why my art teacher used to say… when painting the sky, nobody can ever give you a fail mark, because whatever color you use, or whatever strokes you make, it’s always right. The sky is one of the most multi-faceted things. I have seen the sky in blue, purple, grey, black, red, orange, yellow, pink…

And today, the sky is in layers of blue and pale orange, one layer stacking on top of the other horizontally. It is absolutely gorgeous. And these are the moments that I am truly at peace. Appreciating that there is something out there that is so much bigger than me. It has been such a long time since I last had time to appreciate little things in our lives that we take for granted.

I rarely get to see sunset nowadays. By the time I walk out of my office, it is usually dark.

When was the last time you witnessed sunset, where the sky is painted in dazzling shades of color?

Take a few minutes off work today. Just when it’s about 7pm, go for a stretch, get out of the office, peer into the sky, take a deep breath and enjoy one of God’s most beautiful creations!

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