Bday 06 003.jpg

Hiya… very happy today! 🙂

Was telling my colleague… wah, I feel so loved this year… (She said, “You mean you were not loved the years before?” Haha!)

So many birthday wishes! To May, Heng, Lian, Jean, Patt, Joey, Kea, Yin2 who sent me SMS/email greetings… thanks! You girls are the sweetest, thanks for remembering! 🙂

Special mention to my best friend Yi… thanks for the birthday card! Wah!!! It’s so rare to receive a non-virtual card… and my best friend will without fail send me one year after year…!

And of course, my dearest husband… see the roses & iris? 🙂

I am 26 this year… embracing another year of age with hopes, dreams and aspirations! Posted by Picasa

Post Note: Wow… so many birthday wishes this year… after I posted this entry… many more wishes came swarming in… really appreciate you wonderful folks for remembering. Am genuinely touched. 🙂 This really makes me think I should start keeping a birthday list… because sometimes as we get so involved in our own lives, we tend to forget how such a small gesture can make such a big difference to someone’s life. Once again, my dearest friends, thanks a million! 🙂