I had such a good laugh on Thursday! Went to the hairdresser in the afternoon… second time this week. I just went on Tuesday to highlight my hair. But the colour did not turn out to be what I wanted. The good people at Monsoon ID (wonder if they will sponsor my hairdo too? like what Kimage did for xiaxue ? haha!) were very nice – they said – if you are not happy with it, come back and we will do it again free of charge… if you come back within the week. After countless people not realising that I have actually done anything to my hair (sob sob), I thought I should go back.

Anyway – A, who did my hair on Tuesday was busy attending to some other customers, so I had the honour of having the head hairstylist D redo my highlights. He is so hilarious. He made me laugh so hard… it’s just so funny that I have to relate this story to you… It’s not meant to make fun at him, but he just made my day, I was in smiles all day, thinking of his story! 🙂

D is in his mid thirties, who looks more like in his late twenties. (When I told him that, he was like wah… ok la, don’t you worry, I will make sure you look beautiful ok? I will wash your hair nicely.. wahlau! As if I am only saying it to flatter him…) Anyway, he’s of medium height, medium built. I suspect that he’s gay… Anyway for the record, I am not homophobic, and even though I do not have many gay friends, I respect all sexual orientation and preferences… 🙂 ok, back to my story…

He used to work in Singapore for 8 years, and after having his PR application rejected twice, he thought, “Fine… you don’t want me, I will go back to KL!”But he confided in me, Actually… I prefer Singapore to KL ,” and of course me being the kepoh (nosy person) who travels between the two cities frequently asked him why… “Oh, I love to sun tan,” …. erm, not convinced, I asked… “But you can sun tan in KL as well can’t you? Is the sun in Singapore hotter?” “No la! Where do you want me to go sun tanning in KL? Port Klang ar? At the loading and unloading bay where people are bringing in their goods and containers? Cannot-la… they think I crazy…” Hmm, guess he has a point there.

“The only place I can go sun tanning is Port Dickson, but that’s so far! And I have to drive 45 minutes to get there… when I first get back to KL, I drove down to PD every weekend to suntan. All my friends thought I was crazy!” I have to say I agree with them.

I asked, “Why don’t you sun tan at home then?””Oh ya? I stay at a condo(minium), so one day I went to the poolside to sun tan. And after awhile, I fell asleep… suddenly I felt someone poking me at my arm repetitively… I woke up to see the security guard standing beside me… ‘OI! You OK-tak?’ (are you ok in Malay) I told him… ‘Apa pasal? I tinggal kak sini… sedang sun tan!’ (What’s wrong? I live here. I am suntanning!) ‘OH, tak ada apa la, makcik-kak situ takut you ada apa hal…’ (Oh, the aunties over there thought something’s wrong with you)”

Oh my goodness, if I wasn’t refrain by the fact there were lots of aluminium foils stuck my hair, I would have really rolled down on the floor and laughed… It’s the way he said it, with his facial expressions that made it all so funny…”Oi… you laugh la at me. You very evil la… laughing at my expense… I am telling you a real story about how I suffered and you just keep laughing…”

By the way, the entire conversation was conducted in Cantonese, so it was a lot funnier…

“Then I decided to pay and go to some public swiming pool to sun tan… then all the people there treat me like some museum artifact… all stand around and look at me…”

Is sun tanning such a rare sight in KL? Hmm, I guess it must be, among the locals… “Then why don’t you just sun tan at your balcony la?” I quipped. “Balcony… don’t want la! What if the kids upstairs throw things down from their balcony. Then not turn out to be sun tanning, but because rubbish bin… what if they throw down a refrigerator?” Wah!!! Kids nowadays so strong ar?

“Oh ok… then how now? Where do you sun tan?””Aiyah, I give up already la… anyway, the people here don’t like boys who are too tanned… they like boys to be like fair… so fair… like Snow White.”

Oh, I see. I never knew THAT. “So you see (pointing at his own arm)… I quite fair already la, I give up already… last time just take one bus to Sentosa then can sun tan… now… aih…”

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