Had dinner at Curry Favor tonight with hubby. I had my usual Teriyaki Chicken Don and Jamie tried the Cheese Katsu Curry. It has sort of become some sort of ritual. Jamie and I will drop by Curry Favor once or twice a week when we want to have a good meal, and enjoy some good company.

Yee-wei shared with us the plots he is shooting for his short films. Boy oh boy, that guy sure has some amazing ideas! Really creative! Can’t wait to see his work! Jamie started sharing with Yee-wei how we too started on a book project, and how it was inspired by a story I was working on. And as Jamie started sharing with Yee-wei the story that I wrote, which I have completely forgotten about… it all came back to me… at one point in my life, I was actually very into creative writing. But as I get more involved in life, I stopped writing. And often, I stop reflecting.

The conversation inspired me to comb my C: drive for that story that I have written. Sadly, I cannot find it.

However, I did find this… Enjoy!

Reflections (dated 19 Sept 2002)

When was the last time you reflected on your life? Yesterday? Last week? A couple of months back? Or you frankly cannot remember or cannot be bothered?

I often reflect on my life. Because it helps me keep stock of how my life has been so far.

I have been lucky. Yes, damn lucky. I have not met that many obstacles in my life. And throughout my life, there are always people who have helped me along the way.

People who have met me say that I am enthusiastic, that I have positive outlook in life, that I love being up and about. Why? Because I am not willing to see the life given to me being put to waste. I constantly want and need to improve myself. To learn more skills. To increase my knowledge. Never mind if I only know a little. At least I know. And by knowing, I understand this beautiful world around me more.

I am not satisfied by being normal. Or ordinary. No, it is not for the fame. It is not for the name. It is for the glory. Glory, never everlasting. A glimmer and it is gone. That is why it is so precious.

I think I have cultivated so many hobbies and interests in the past two years. No, it is not to show off. No, it is not to tell you that I am better than you. I am very competitive. But it is to push myself further. To spur myself on. By competing against you, I mean no malice. I feel that you are better than me, so by setting you as the target point, I can improve and further develop myself.

Or maybe, I am actually very normal and ordinary. Because like most people, I too am too involved with… me.

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