Hiya! I am back! Have you missed me?

I have just got back from KL. Yes – we are opening a branch in KL! If you have friends in KL who would like to try out this novel concept of dating – do ask them to check out our website – http://www.lunchactually.com.my as we are currently having an “early birds special”.

There’s just so much to update! I do not even know where to start.

Quick update on Mr. Intellectual & Ms. Articulate, they have just went out for their date, and it was positive! Hooray! They will be going out on second date again. Well – wedding bells are not ringing yet (of course!) but it’s a good sign…!

I have been checking out lots of restaurants when I was in KL. When we started in Singapore, restaurant sourcing was handled by my then Marketing Manager, now General Manager Deidre; so I ‘lost out’ on this chance of checking out hip and cool restaurants in town. 🙂

It was really fun driving around town, meeting up with restaurant owners, and finding out more about what they do. Some of them were really nice as well… there’s this really nice and cosy restaurant tucked at a quiet corner of the KLCC area. It’s virtually 5 minutes drive from KLCC, yet it’s free from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s called… “Rahsia” (Secret in Malay Language)… how appropriate ya! Met up with the owner and the restaurant manager – very nice people… they kept offering me food! Haha, but unfortunately I was then on my detox program.

Starting up is always fun… our official opening ceremony is tomorrow! 🙂

Will post up the photos soon… have a great weekend ahead!

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