I have been wanting to start this blog for ages, but as all excuses go – I never managed to find the time.

Friends and ex-colleagues have always said to me, “Violet, you have such an exciting and interesting career! Do you have any vacancies? I don’t mind doing some part-time consultation.” I will just chuckle, and say, “Hey, I can’t afford you, ok?!” And we will burst into laughters.

I quit my job in February 2004 and I have never looked back.

Any regrets?

No. I love what I do for a living.

It is not a job. It is a passion, my passion.

Having said that, like any other professions, my chosen career does come with its set of pains and heartaches.

Hence, the birth of this blog – a space where I will share my thoughts, my feelings and my reflections – the life of a modern matchmaker.

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